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Simone Wojciechowski is a German-born wire sculptore artist, working in galvanised steel, copper and aluminium wire.
Longing for a new challenge and adventure, Simone decided to leave for Cape Town, South Africa, where she lived for 13 years.
There, she encountered beautiful scenery she immediately fell in love with, including other amazing artists, who later inspired Simone's interest in sculpting with wire. She discovered and embraced her passion for wire sculptures.
Simone found her own language and understanding of form. 
She choose the human form to express movement, form and motive. Being an autodidact, Simone took it upon herself to thoroughly study the human body including the measurement, the muscle, the shape, and form from a 3D perspective. She found superior knowledge in the breathtaking sculptures of Michelangelo and Auguste Rodin and has since continued to study their works and unique artistry. She has an incredible ability to transform wire into 3 dimensionality.
Her sculptures have an emotional quality that gives her wire figures life and energy. Her pieces, apart from their uniqueness, stand out on its own as a piece of contemporary art and that creates a space around them.
The sculptor’s passion is reflected in her beautifully thought out sculptures.
Since her work started selling the consistent quality of her pieces has created a steady demand for her work.
Her works are in private collections worldwide.
Artist Statement
Sculpting is my absolute passion and I want  people to feel and resonate with my works. To show the ability and beauty of wire, which I think, is much underrated. To take a piece of wire and turn it into a beautiful figure, gives me incredible joy.

My challenge always, is to fulfill the remit of not only creating a subject as a piece of sculpture that will make you stop, stand and stare, but also challenge.
I like my pieces, apart from their uniqueness to stand out on their own as pieces of contemporery art that creates a space around them.
​As well as creating my own pieces, I
undertake commissions. 
Please contact me for any inquiries.

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